About Marcel


Marcel Allbritton, PhD is a clinical Mind-Body Therapist, consultant, and coach. Marcel combined his work in Organizational Development and Communication (organizational, group, and interpersonal) with his work with Mind-Body Therapy, Meditation, and Traditional Healing Systems to create the Professional Core Resonance™ Process. Marcel works with clients through privates sessions, coaching sessions, presentations, and workshops.

Professional Core Resonance™ is a facilitated approach that integrates professional development, personal growth, and transformation.

Professional Core Resonance™️ was developed to help you work from your internal drive instead of external pressure.

Since 2011, Professional Core Resonance™ has delivered the skills and tools to help people stay aligned with their truth as they carry out their work.


To discuss Professional Core Resonance Works™, or to arrange a specialized workshop or presentation with Marcel, email marcel.allbritton@coreresonanceworks.com.

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