Marcel Allbritton, PhD, C-IAYT, offers mentoring, Yoga Sutras study, Vedic Chanting, Clinical Yoga Therapy, and coaching.

Marcel’s bi-weekly podcast, Doing Differently, provides conversations about Healing and Transformation, giving you knowledge to help you heal and transform and help others do the same.

After he received a Master’s degree and a Ph.D., and worked in the field of Organization Development, Marcel followed the path of a new profession with another 15 years of training and practice as a Clinical Yoga Therapist. Now, Marcel spends his time as a Clinical Yoga Therapist, a Coach, and an Organizational Consultant in the field of Integrative Health.

Marcel combines 2000-year-old principles from the wisdom of Yoga with modern tools of coaching and process facilitation.

He founded Core Resonance Works to offer coaching and resources for healing practitioner business owners, helping you work from your core alignment with business development, decision making, marketing, and communication. 


Email Marcel Allbritton, PhD, C-IAYT, marcelallbritton@me.com