About Marcel

Marcel Allbritton, PhD, C-IAYT, is a Clinical Yoga Therapist who also mentors health practitioners, yoga therapy students, and integrative health practitioners in the study and practice of Yoga.

He has been mentored by Chase Bossart of Yoga Well Institute since 2005.

The foundation of Marcel’s work is helping individuals and organizations apply, practice, and integrate principles of healing.

Before he discovered Yoga, Marcel received a PhD in Organization Development. Marcel brings his work in healing and Yoga and his expertise in organizational development together to create Core Resonance Works (www.coreresonanceworks.com). Core Resonance helps individuals and organizations work from and with their core alignment.

Marcel has a podcast called Doing Differently about healing and transformation (www.doingdifferently.com).


Email Marcel Allbritton, PhD, C-IAYT, marcelallbritton@me.com