Marcel Allbritton’s podcast, Doing Differently, is a show about Healing and Transformation.

The following podcast episodes feature conversations related to Marcel’s mentoring and yoga therapy services.

Episode 2
The Myth of Going It Alone
Chase Bossart
Executive Director of Yoga Well Institute

In this episode, Marcel invites Chase Bossart, master teacher and founder of the Yoga Well Institute, to discuss mentorship in yoga practice. Listen in as they unpack one of the biggest myths in western culture: The Myth of Going It Alone.

Episode 3
Transformation: what is it? How does it happen? Why transform?
Carrie Heeter
Yoga Mind Tools LLC, Professor Emeritus, Department of Media and Information, Michigan State University

What is transformation and why is it relevant to your life? Why should you even care about that? How is transformation beneficial? Why is it “cool” to notice your unconscious patterns?

In this episode, Marcel invites scientist, professor and yoga practitioner, Carrie Heeter, to discuss her story of transformation in yoga practice and how this began to shift her perception of herself.

Episode 8
You are the technology: How a Guided and Supported Practice Makes You a Better Healing Practitioner
Megan Murk
Certified Health and Wellness Coaches, mentor for the National Board for the Credentialing of Health & Wellness Coaches (NBHWC), founding mMember of Wave, co-creator of the Coach Collaborative

Working with someone to support your development and having a guided practice can help you regulate your human system, have more capacity, and be a more effective healing practitioner. Do you have a daily guided practice for yourself? Learn about how a daily practice can help you both personally and professionally.

Episode 10
Writing differently: An inside look at meditation
Carrie Heeter
Author, Co-Founder of Yoga Mind Tools LLC & Professor Emeritus of Media and Information at Michigan State University

Marcel welcomes back his longtime friend and student, Carrie Heeter. Listen in to learn how Carrie had to relearn to write in a way that was more personal and authentic to her experiences. Carrie has been studying yoga, meditation, and transformation with Marcel for 10 years. Carrie and Marcel discuss Carrie’s adventure with her own healing and transformation and how that has impacted the way she writes. They discuss the book Carrie has written about meditation and how the act of writing the book offered her an opportunity to do things differently.

Episode 12
Fine art, meditation, and creativity
Mare Martin
Fine artist

In this episode of Doing Differently, Marcel has a conversation with his mother, Mare Martin. Mare is a fine artist and her art is influenced by her experiences with nature and gardening. Marcel and Mare discuss Mare’s art, creativity in healing, and the role of meditation in the creative process. Mare shares her experiences with a daily Yoga practice of 12 years and how the practice has supported her personally and professionally as an artist. Mare also happens to be Marcel’s mother!

Episode 13
Therapy for the therapist
Janell Kalifey
Psychotherapist, Sports Performance

Understanding why you have certain unsupportive patterns is one thing, but it is a different matter to actually engage in the experiential process of changing those behaviors. In this episode of Doing Differently, Marcel welcomes Janell Kalifey, a psychotherapist who is also one of his Yoga Therapy clients. Marcel and Janell discuss the role of a Yoga Therapy practice as a complement to Therapy and Psychoanalysis.

Episode 14
Mind-body practices for your patients and clients
Carrie Heeter
Yoga Mind Tools LLC, Professor Emeritus, Department of Media and Information, Michigan State University

How do the mind and the body become more integrated? How do you assist the “natural intelligence” of your body function in concert with your mind? In this episode, Marcel welcomes back Carrie Heeter, and together they discuss some essential factors of effective mind-body practices. They emphasize how mind-body practices must be accessible, appropriate, and must contain a method of progression specific to each individual.

Episode 16
Using movement and breath to support talk therapy and psychotherapy
Becky Deano
Yoga Therapist and Psychotherapist

Becky and Marcel discuss how movement and breathing techniques can support talk therapy and psychotherapy. They emphasize how movement and breathing can be used to change the state of the client so the session can be more effective and allow the practitioner to see the state of the client more clearly.

The more therapists work with the breath, the more they can experience how to bring themselves into that space and place and be able to live from there a little bit more.


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