The Gift of Yoga Therapy

by Marcel Allbritton

Yoga Therapy is the gift that keeps on giving. Unlike regular Yoga, Yoga Therapy offers an individualized routine designed to meet the client’s specific needs.

Yoga Therapy is also unique in that the I adjust the practice to meet the changing needs of the client’s condition. Thus, Yoga Therapy grows with the client and, as it is practiced daily, its benefits are experienced each and every day.

Whereas Yoga Therapy is known for managing chronic illnesses, it is also effective for alleviating chronic pain, reducing stress and addressing such emotional issues as depression and anxiety.

In the words of a client, Yoga Therapy “has enabled me to understand what it means to be truly ‘grounded’ and ‘present’ in my body. I am now calmer, more patient and more capable of seeing the bigger picture—rather than the small frame I was obsessing on before.”

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