Prana is moved through attention to the breath and movement of the body

by Marcel Allbritton

Feel the Prana

If we can’t see something or quantify it, does it mean it doesn’t exist. We can’t measure emotions, but they are real. The physiology of our bodies changes when we feel strong emotions.

In Yoga there is a concept called Prana. Prana can’t be seen and it can’t be defined concretely. It is something like “life force”. Breath is often equated with Prana. Breath and Prana are not equal. Breath is more of the transport mechanism for Prana. The breath is how Prana is moved.

Concentration or focus is also essential to the movement of Prana within the body. This connection on breath and movement to move Prana is one of the main reasons why, in Yoga, it is soooooooo important to move with the breath, matching the movement to the breathing. When our concentration is placed on matching the breath with the movement, this allows Prana to move throughout the body.

Feel the Prana.

Visualize that the breath is carrying the Prana throughout the body as you breath. You don’t have to understand the visualization for it to work, just visualize it.

Sit and take six breaths.

Then sitting, move your arms up from the front as far as is totally comfortable on inhale. On exhale, lower the arms. Do this for about six breaths.

Now visualize that the breath moving the Prana through your arms as you inhale and raise the arms and the Prana moving through the arms as you exhale and lower them.

Sit for a few minutes and notice how your body feels especially how your arms feel.

Prana is moved through attention to the breath and movement of the body.

Some things to reflect on. What does Prana do? How does it serve us?

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