A Structured Process to Move Your Organization from surviving to thriving!

Do You Value:
Autonomy, cooperation, and teamwork?

Achieving business objectives AND taking care of your people?
People feeling safe, accepted, and respected in their work? 

The CORE RESONANCE WORKSTM process delivers the experience, skills, and tools to:

  1. Identify the core strengths and values for cooperation, communication, and culture.
  2. Create alignment across departments, teams, and individuals for greater effectiveness.
  3. Grow leadership and enable greater autonomy so your people can be more productive.

Applying the principles, practices, and insights of transformation and healing to businesses, teams and individuals allows for:

  • Leaders to focus on leadership.
  • Increased motivation and investment from people in the organization.
  • Greater organizational cohesion and resilience.

Over the last four years the CORE RESONANCE WORKSTM model of transformation and healing has helped organizations achieve the following successes:

  • Creating and investing in a common vision and framework from which all team members can work.
  • Developing the capacity and ability to work from internal values rather than external pressure when making decisions.
  • Integrating CORE RESONANCE WORKSTM into their own systems and processes on strategic, tactical, and operational levels.

CORE RESONANCE WORKSTM combines Marcel’s work in organizational development and organizational communication with his practice as a therapist in supporting transformation and healing.

Move Your Organization from surviving to thriving!

Contact Marcel to participate in a short process that will demonstrate both the power and effectiveness of CORE RESONANCE WORKSTM and determine how to best work with the process in your organization.

email: marcel@coreresonanceworks.com
phone: 415-200-9825