Professional Core Resonance™

Marcel AllbrittonProfessional Core Resonance™
Better insights. Better decisions. Better relationships.


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Benefits of Professional Core Resonance™

Get unstuck. Solve problems. Know what’s essential.

Minimize distractions. Save time. Save energy.

What is Professional Core Resonance™?

  • Professional Core Resonance™ is a structured coaching process that helps business professionals work from internal drive instead of external pressure.
  • Professional Core Resonance™️ is a facilitated approach that integrates professional development, personal growth, and transformation.
  • Since 2011, our clients have achieved the results and experiences needed to take them to the next level in their work.
  • Many coaching systems give inspiration but they don’t deliver on the tools and methods to apply that inspiration in carrying out your work.

How we are different.

  • We deliver the goods! We provide tools and techniques that work.
  • The Professional Core Resonance™ process works regardless of your personality or way of working.
  • You decide the time and amount of resources you are able to allocate to Professional Core Resonance™.

Marcel Allbritton, PhD is a clinical Mind-Body Therapist, consultant and coach. Marcel combined his work in Organizational Development, Communication, and Mind-Body Therapy — including Meditation, and Traditional healing systems— to create Professional Core Resonance™.

Contact Marcel to participate in a short process that will demonstrate both the power and effectiveness of Professional Core Resonance™.