What does Yoga have to do with patterns?

Ever notice that our problems often repeat?

Often we don’t see habits that are not helping us, because the habits become ingrained. So, this loop can go on and on. We keep entering the same cycles of patterns time and time again.

And these cycles take up energy and effort and can take a toll on the body, mind, and spirit. It is like a story that recreates itself again and again with slightly different circumstances but with the same overall set up.

Yoga is the process of replacing the patterns of attention that do not serve us with patterns of attention that are good for us. In other words, Yoga suggests that we practice the good habits and the bad habits will lessen.

To change habits, you must see the habit clearly and have the discipline and discrimination to change the habit. Yoga, helps us to see our habits more clearly.

For example, when we take fifteen minutes each evening before bed to do some breathing and movement, we create a new habit of of placing ourselves in a relaxed state before we go to sleep. Simply creating a new habit of placing yourself in a relaxed state of mind and body before going to sleep each evening can have a profound effect on your life!

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