Core Resonance Works: Do More of the Work you Love.

Benefits of Core Resonance:

• Create a work environment where you are engaged and supported.
• Be at your best even in challenging situations.
• Get more nourishment from the work you do.
• Minimize stress and energy drain.
• Counter the fears to following your true path.
• Stay focused on what is essential.


  • Coaching, workshops, and content on the principles of personal development and career development.
  • Tools, strategies, and support for growth and fulfillment in your work life.
  • Help you identifying and working from your truth, your Core Resonance.

Creation of Core Resonance:

  • Marcel got a Master’s degree and a PhD in Communication and Organizational Development. Then he started his career over again focusing on Yoga and Yoga Therapy for 12 years.
  • Marcel combines 2000 year old principles from the wisdom of Yoga with modern tools of coaching and process facilitation. The Core Resonance Coaching process is the result.
  • Core Resonance helps people work from and with their true core. The foundation of this work is helping people understand, apply, practice, and integrate principles of healing and change.

How Core Resonance Works:

  • As a result of phase one, you will discover and clarify your Core Resonance Statement, a super effective tool to ensure you stay aligned, supported, and engaged in your personal and career development.
  • We coach you on using this tool to internalize your Core Resonance so you can use it every day, in every area of your life. When you fully engage in this work, you will be able to come from your true Core Resonance in everything you do.
  • The first phase of the Core Resonance is three one hour sessions. In these sessions you will identify your Core Resonance and learn how to come from your Core Resonance in your work.
  • In the second phase , you create your Core Resonance Mission and Core Resonance Values. You learn how to work from your Core Resonance more effectively and consistently. You will be coached on how to integrate your Core Resonance into your work systems and processes in ways that work best for you.
  • Thirdly, we offer ongoing coaching and support in helping you to customize the practice of coming from your Core Resonance your personal work systems and processes.

Other Benefits of Core Resonance:

Hard Benefits

  1. Increase revenue
  2. Increase growth
  3. Decrease cost (monetary, energetic, and emotional)
  4. Get unstuck on issues or situations
  5. Get clear on a course of action
  6. Identify what is essential
  7. Minimize distractions

Soft Benefits

  1. Be at your best
  2. Be engaged
  3. Be supported
  4. Be authentic
  5. Be in alignment (with your truth, your core)
  6. Support your personal development
  7. Work with change

To discuss  Core Resonance WorksTM  with Marcel Allbritton, email marcel.allbritton@coreresonanceworks.com.